Freedom 4K is pleased to inform all individuals and organizations of their updated service at product offering with competitive prices.

They are now offering animation and graphics for your videos. Whether you want them integrated into the video content or as independent productions, Freedom 4K guarantees the most innovative and trendy animation and motion graphics elements.

Freedom 4K is also offering full HD video editing in Hi-Def or Standard Def. You will get a quick turnaround time whether you’re a consumer, business or creative professional.  Freedom 4K works with all video formats and they provide DVD authoring as well as all-inclusive video compression resolutions for the internet.

Freedom 4K is also providing location and studio production for all their clientele. Looking for the perfect spot for filming your production, Freedom 4K will find the ideal location and help set it up by providing all the props and elements needed to make the production visually stimulating and successful.

Freedom 4K now has a team of competent script writers and producers who will help develop creative concepts and storyboards, as well as write captivating scripts for all your production needs be it commercials, documentaries, drama etc.

Freedom 4K is now offering casting and talent services for all your production needs. Teaming up with reputable talent agencies, they will ensure that you find the ideal talent for your production at an affordable cost. They have a team of voice over artists with whom they work to ensure that your productions stand out and capture the target audiences.

Freedom 4K will offer all inclusive post production services including sourcing for music and jingles without infringing copyright rules and regulations, as well as packaging the video production as per the client specifications.

For more information on all services offered at Freedom 4K, call or text using the number 214.919.9449.