Freedom 4k, a freelance on demand mobile crew unit, will be launching on the big screen.  The company is scheduled to make its very first advent in Frisco and Dallas, Texas. In the debut, hundreds of independent artists and bloggers will get a chance to be filmed professionally at only a small fraction of the usual production costs.

The first 20 customers of 4K will also get a chance to take part in the grand opening event taking place in early April 2017. They will get to take advantage of most of 4K’s media campaigns on mainstream media platforms which are intended to help improve video performance as well as turnaround time.

Freedom 4K promises to help its clients expand their businesses by following the ‘give and take’ concept. Their clientele list includes common brands and local public companies all over Texas and surrounding areas.

Freedom 4K will also be going international and are participating in a continuing documentary film production that involves several doctors in most parts of Africa.

Freedom 4K promises to deliver many exciting productions in the coming year both small and lengthy videos. Stories captured in the videos are motivational and inspirational to all audiences.

Some of Freedom 4K’s works include but are not limited to animation and motion graphics, pre & post production, full service HD video editing, location & studio production, full service video production, creative concepts & storyboards, casting & talent, scripting, voice overs, music & jingles as well as web & interactive productions.

Freedom 4K invites all individuals who require video productions of any nature to contact them by calling or sending a message to 214.919.9449, so that they can get to know more about you, what you need and how they can use their expertise to help find your astounding adventure.