Why go to a crew, when the crew can come to you? – Save money and time and have a full production set setup on your location within minutes. -Freelance OnDemand Mobile Crew Unit

We Specialize In Providing Multiple Cameras To Help Live Stream



The founders of The Candelabrum Group & Art Via Light Productions is proud to introduce Freedom 4K!

Multi-camera, video production solution that is by far the best way to take your live event video or webcast to the next level. The more cameras you have, the more variety of angles you have to work with, and the more engaged your audience will be.

But there’s one more piece of the puzzle you may have overlooked: every time you want to shoot an event, you’re going to need a crew. Traditionally, this means having an additional camera operator at every location, which can get expensive quickly and make certain types of work economically impossible.

This is where Freedom 4K comes in. Freedom 4K is a solution that offers about eight cameras to be controlled by a single operator while also performing a live switch during any performance.

You can use Freedom 4K as a one-man-band style production system or use it to augment manually operated cameras to provide additional coverage without the additional cost. Freedom 4K is perfect for production companies, music venues, houses of worship, schools – anywhere you need an affordable multi-camera video production. Freedom 4K truly is a camera crew at your fingertips.

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