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Benefits of live streaming2019-04-22T15:47:19+00:00
  • Live Streaming is a low-cost way of reaching a wider audience

  • Live Streaming enable wide reach through multiple devices

  • Live Streaming offer rich content

  • Live Streaming enable you to quickly reach your target audience

  • Live Streaming audiences don’t have to download any software

What are webcasting techniques?2019-04-22T15:45:04+00:00
  • Select goals, strategies, and tactics that you will implement in your webinar.

  • Choose an engaging webcast title and description.

  • Take time to promote your webcast.

  • Utilize slides wisely. Follow good techniques for speaking.

  • Tell a story.

  • Ensure you create an interactive webcast experience.

What is the difference between a webinar and webcast?2019-04-22T15:43:01+00:00

Webcasts are perfect for large company meetings and marketing webinars. A webcast is a browser-based experience, and attendees do not have to download software – they watch and listen through their computer or mobile device. While webcasts can include interactive features like polls and Q&A, attendees are automatically muted and cannot be unmuted.

A webinar is an intimate event with a higher level of interactivity. They are great for marketing and training use cases. Attendees can listen using phone or computer audio and they can be unmuted by the webinar organizers.

Event Highlight Video Add-On2019-04-16T03:45:34+00:00

Event Highlight Video Add-On
$1900 / day
– One Addition Cam Op
– Additional B-roll footage
– Editing up to 14 hours
– Licensed music track

Not sure about locations wifi services?2019-04-16T03:44:08+00:00

At least 3.0 mbps is required for live stream solution. In case your not sure of the speed and strength of location’s wifi, we can provide wifi solution. Great for indoor and outdoor events.
LTE Internet Service: $1000 / day – Up to 50GB

How many cameras do you normally stream with?2019-04-16T03:41:03+00:00

Minimum number of cameras that we use for live stream broadcast are 2. However, we can go up to 12. Additional cameras will accrue additional costs. We highly recommend purchasing additional camera crew from our team for any live stream services.

How much does it cost for live stream services?2019-04-16T03:38:45+00:00

It depends on how many cameras that your are needing. However, starting rate for live-stream services costs :

Base Package
$1200 – Up to 2 hours of broadcast
$350 – Additional Hours

– Dedicated Live Stream Operator
– Two stationary cameras, up to 4 streams
– Full resolution copy of broadcast
– Simple graphics
– Advanced set-up and testing
– One crew member